_L3A0632_1Bear Vale, where Mother Nature is an employee.

Established in 2013, Bear Vale is operated by Cody and Lori Pulvermacher. Our farm and home is Cody’s childhood home. His parents were true organic pioneers. They purchased this farm in the 1980s, began an organic dairy operation, and were within the first ten farms to join the Organic Valley cooperative.

The farm is our passion but we both have full-time jobs besides.  Cody is a heavy equipment mechanic, keeping dozers, rock crushers and other large-scale equipment operating like fine-tuned machines. He stays busy with home and farm improvements, mechanical repairs, and managing our herd. Lori’s full-time gig is in marketing and public relations. On the farm, she is the Director of Animal Affection and ensures everyone gets a name, not just a number. She enjoys motherhood, gardening, and dabbles in photography.

Long-range goals include partnering with local retail outlets and distributors to provide our market with a quality organic, grass-fed beef option.

You can learn more about our farm and herd in Farm Happenings.

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