Buy Beef

Our cattle are pasture-raised and grass-fed from start to finish: no antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Processing is conducted at an Animal Welfare Approved butcher, a local, family-owned business. Our beef is aged for optimal flavor, tenderness, and texture.

INDIVIDUAL ORDERS: Order by the pound or cut

  • Steaks, roasts, brisket, and ribs: $9.75 to 19.95/pound
  • Ground beef, one-pound packages: $6.00/pound

BULK ORDERS: Order by the quarter, half, or whole

  • $4.95/pound (hanging weight), plus processing
  • Specify front or rear quarter preference

Bulk order customers will work directly with the processor to customize their order and preferred cuts. Soup bones, lard, and organs can also be requested. 

Weight varies by animal. The average hanging weight per beef quarter is 150-195 lbs. The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before it is processed into individual cuts. What you take home will be about 60-70% of the hanging weight.

Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat. A quarter order will require approximately six cubic feet. A family of four consuming beef three nights per week will eat a quarter order in about six months.

A $100 deposit is required to secure bulk orders. The balance is due after the final weight is determined by the butcher and before pick-up. Deposits and payments can be paid via check, cash, credit card or PayPal.

Individual orders can be submitted via email or phone. The total order will be weighed and calculated and full balance due upon pickup or delivery.

Delivery and shipping options are available. Contact us to learn more.

Submit orders via email, phone or USPS:
28960 State Highway 130, Lone Rock, WI 53556