Mr. Popular…and his friends

I originally took this photo in December while practicing with new lighting equipment.  I recently rediscovered it in my files and decided to process it… and was quite impressed with Gus’ formal look.  I decided to share it on Boxer Fan Club, a Facebook page dedicated to Boxer owners and their Boxer babes.  When I last tallied the counts weeks ago, I  had over 1700 “likes”, 181 shares, and 61 comments.  Far more popular than I thought possible, but Boxer lovers love Boxer lovers!

This made me think of other images I have captured of my four-legged kids as well as other creatures I have encountered since starting my photography journey.  I have found I really enjoy capturing animals and nature photos and hope to do more in this area.  Enjoy!

Kava on a snowy Wisconsin afternoon
Sadie on that same snowy day…she caught a snowflake!
Nora.  Same studio set up as with Gus’ photo above.
My sweet feline peeking through the grass
A toad that ventured into my mowing path, whom I had to save.  Loved his colors and decided to grab my camera and force him to model for me.  He’s a natural!  Look at that pose! 🙂
Triple L’s Stallion.  Impressive even with muddy legs.
My sister’s bunnies.  Smooching!  Too cute.
Was so excited to capture this image.  A quick stop to Oakwood Fruit Farm became an opportunity.  This is Phil, a pheasant resident of the farm.  He positioned himself perfectly under the beautiful blossoms and made my evening superb.
Had the honor to photograph this sweet boy recently.

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