birth photography: welcome baby Brody

Birth photography is growing in popularity. For some the idea of inviting a stranger in to share an intimate moment may seem unnatural. For others, it offers a narration of your birth experience and allows you to recall memories that could not be remembered otherwise. The birth of a child is a moment that cannot be recreated. There is no posing in birth photography, its documentary, and captures the tiniest details, the emotion shared between partners, and the moment that baby and parents fall in love at first sight.

I am so honored to share this blog post with you all. I was euphoric to be a part of the birth of baby Brody. To witness the strength of a woman, the power of partnership, and the miracle of a child. Brody became the third and final child for this young family. After seeing her birth gallery, Mama shared that she wished she had the same documentary for the first two babes. I’m glad they invited me to be a part of this one.

You can see Brody’s birth story photos here.

And if you are expecting your own little one, I encourage you to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment, your own personal miracle. I know when the time comes for me, I’ll have my photographer there!

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Photographer for Your Child’s Birth:

1.      Quality of images and composition

2.      Your partner and or support team should be focused on you, not on taking photos

3.      With a photographer, you and those with you can be in the photos

4.      You’ll have a record of one of the most precious and miraculous moments in your life, and the life of your child

5.      This is a life milestone worthy of capturing—just like your wedding—you can’t recreate it

6.      A photographer with capture details or moment that could be otherwise missed

7.      You see your birth from a different perspective

8.      Newborn babies change so quickly—a photographer will capture the freshness of your baby

9.      Your photographer will select the best images—the ones that tell your story—edit them, and deliver them—no work for you


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