Happy New Year

Today I polished off the last of the cookies–part of the bounty of treats baked on Christmas day with my fellow Lettman Ladies–this marks the end of our holiday over-indulgence and the welcoming of a new year.

Our Christmas festivities included 8 gatherings throughout the week, company from our out-of-state family members, lots of food, reconnecting with friends, and R&R from work. 

I was once again grateful for maternity pants this holiday season and enjoyed the sentiment of family, love, friendship, and the anticipation of our first child. “Baby LoCo,” while about 14 weeks from joining us officially, was spoiled this Christmas. I was moved by the gifts to our baby and reminded of how lucky we are with our family and friends. 

As showcased in our Christmas card this year, our 2014 year was loaded with blessings and excitement. 

2015 is sure to be another wonderful year with new adventures. Our NYE is a bit calmer this year than in the past. Tonight we set up the crib and now are relaxing with a homemade crab dip (so maybe the over-indulgence lingers a bit longer….), a beer for Cody, and apple cider for me. This calm is very welcomed after a busy and running Christmas holiday, and while I am looking forward to our family of three, I’ll relish in the days that remain as just husband and wife. 
And I doubt I’ll make it to midnight!
To our family and friends, we wish you nothing but happiness and a year filled with love and laughter in the new year. God bless!

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Has beeen a joy to watch you two loverbirds…. make sure cody gets some mf tractor items for baby n that goat (and i am a goat lover) in homely…


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