31 Week Update

This week marks 31 weeks into the pregnancy. Babe is doing great. Staying active and growing stronger each day. We have our maternity session this weekend with the wonderful Rachel Manke! And next week is the baby shower. I can’t believe how quickly it is going, and at this point, I would be OK with having a longer pregnancy! Many have informed me that I’ll feel quite differently in about six weeks. I can already tell that I will miss the belly and the movements. Cody claims that will be short-term since we’ll be adding another to the womb in no time! He talks! Let’s see how we adjust with one babe. :))


Last weekend we wrapped up the new living room project! There are still final touches to administer such as setting up the entry way with a bench and coat hooks, sealing the walls, installing the light fixtures. decorating…. so we are not done-done, but we are moved in! This is Cody’s handy work. It took over three months to get here, but he did it and I am so proud of this space because it has his touch, skill, and calculations. A big thanks to those who helped along the way. We just love the space. And there’s pleny of room for photo sessions too! I’ll have three sessions in this space before the week is over.


Light fixtures coming soon! 🙂


Pups are still getting adjusted


And once moved in, we were able to do away with the nasty, white carpet in the old living room, soon-to-be my office! We rolled up the carpet to reveal beautiful hardwood underneath, as well as years of ground in dirt and grime below the padding. Yuck!


Before: white carpet, circa 1990, stained and abused and gross—-it’s got to go!


Hardwood underneath! Fabulous, beautiful hardwood! My only regret is we didn’t yank this up before we moved in!

Anyone who is upset about this snow can blame me. I wanted snow for our outdoor maternity session photos and so glad it came! The cows and horses probably don’t feel the same….or Cody, who has to plow and shovel it, but we’ve been kind of spoiled this winter, and snow is good for the fields! And it sure is prettier than dead grass and mud.

DW4A3040 copy

Dutchess | First 2014 calf

DW4A3042_1 copy

Cybil Cow

DW4A3027 copy

Sadie does love the snow, loves it more when we come out to play in it

DW4A3031_1 copy

Legend, sporting ice from his mane and coat, this part I don’t like….always amazed at how resiliant our farm animals are

DW4A3034 copy


And to close this post, a promise to my mother-in-law….my next post will contain a sampling of our wedding photos! Long overdue. Coming soon!


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