Maternity Session

Another fun session with Rachel Manzke Photography. Last week, she came out to the farm to capture our maternity photos during our 32nd week of pregnancy. It was COLD out but I really wanted some winter/snow pics as this has been a winter pregnancy. We were fortunate to have snow on the ground and braved the frigid temps. I love that all these images are captured at our home. Cody’s handy carpentry skills made for a wonderful backdrop!

Belly bump photos. I love the belly! Who would have thought I’d be so attached to a larger waist size!? I’ll miss it. I asked Cody one night, “Do you just wish they would stay in there?” as I rubbed my belly. He quickly replied with a “no.” In there they are safe. In there it is easy. In there they transport so well. In there, we are perfect parents! I am very excited to meet out little one, and do want them to come out, exactly when they are intended to. But I am in no hurry for this pregnancy to be over. It’s gone too fast in my opinion (less than 7 weeks from our anticipated due date) and I’ll spend these last remaining weeks enjoying it, adoring my growing belly, and savoring in their comfort and safety. Grow strong and healthy, my sweet babe. 

Home renovations continue! We stripped down the spare bedroom (formerly my office) and are preparing to put in new walls, flooring, and closet. That makes way for us to finally tackle the nursery, which actually requires the least amount of physical labor, just tearing out carpet and setting up for baby. We should be able to move into the nursery within the next 2 weeks! Which will come in handy to house and organize all the new baby-oriented goodies we received at the baby shower last week.

Next up, get the hospital bag prepped….. and maybe decide on baby names! 🙂

(Click on image to view in slide show)


Rachel, thank you for capturing our life, all the many chapters!

Photo credit: Rachel Manzke Photography

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