Two Months

The 14th of the month marks our monthly milestone during this first year of life for Connie Elizabeth. Month One I managed to get her photos taken and posted right away. Month Two rolled around and at about 7 pm that evening I told Cody we needed to get her photos taken before the day was over and before she entered her evening fussy time. Lighting was low in the house so we moved outdoors to the front yard for this month’s images and worked quickly. Two weeks later, I’m getting them posted. Time in the day is short, now more than ever. Kudos to all the mommies and daddies out there juggling home, work, family, life, and children!

I used the same props so we can do comparisons each month. She is a very happy baby and we witness lots of smiles each day.

Month Two

  • Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz (71%)
  • Height: 25″ (“off the charts,” 100%+). This might be an indication of a tall girl in the future, we will see. (20.5″ at birth and those 4.5 inches are noticeable during feedings!)
  • Eyes: Lighter this month, but still a steel-blue color, now with flecks of green
  • Hair: Still a Brunette but some days it looks lighter, some days darker. It looks light in these photos as we were outside with natural light.
  • Changes:
    • Eyebrows have really come in the last month and eyelashes are growing longer–hopefully, she gets her daddy’s eyelashes!
    • Her second chin is more pronounced 🙂
    • Bring on the baby slobbers and bubble making.
    • Our nanny started part-time. A new person for Connie to learn and attach to; and a big help for mama!
    • We are beginning to call her by her name more often. Even though I have had “Connie” selected as my girl name for many years, it is taking some getting used to to actually apply it to my baby girl.
  • New Discoveries and Milestones:
    • She makes noises when excited; appears to “talk” when we talk to her
    • She rolled over, from tummy to back, twice! I caught the second time on video.
    • Holds her head up very well for this age and also wants to be stood up
    • She moves her head and eyes to follow people objects
  • Eats: very good, exclusively breastfed
  • Sleeps: Still doing well. As a “happy two months of life” gift, we booted her from our bed. 🙂 She sleeps in her bassinet next to our bed. Some nights she wakes every few hours, but a few times, she has gone 7 hours straight!
  • Who does she look like? Pretty much everyone agrees she is all Cody. I get credit for the chin, the hair, and maybe the ears. She still changes daily.
  • Her Faves: being sung to, colors, her mama (a selfish love of mine too) and EATING! :))



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