July Photo Dump

A busy and fun month. Our little girl is getting out and about and gaining new experiences all while growing far too quickly. This past month she seemed to develop overnight. She is “talking” with frequency and replies to songs and words. She rolls from back to tummy with ease and has even rolled from tummy to back a few times. She pushes the buttons on her walker and started grabbing items. She is still working to master the full roll, figure out the tremendous capabilities that her hands will one day realize, and rolling to the left is not as preferred as the right, but in all that she does, she amazes us.

We shared posts from the 4th of July, her first boat ride, our trip to San Diego—here is what the rest of July looked like. Morning smiles, hikes, and visits with family.

20150703_082820 20150705_095236 20150706_160220 20150706_202916 20150709_081649 20150709_192210 20150709_192250 20150709_192311 20150711_082736 20150711_150848 20150711_152911 20150711_152931 20150722_195244 20150722_195256 20150723_183115 20150726_161926 20150727_082038 20150727_082258 20150728_180148 20150729_191530 20150729_191751 20150729_191755 DW4A4591

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