First Market Offering

We began our grass-fed beef operation in 2013 and this past month were able to offer our local market the option to buy. We excepted family orders first and then opened it up to the public. I was excited at how quickly we not only filled this order, but also the next order for November. There is definite interest and even those unable to buy this time around shared their appreciation for future availability of grass-fed beef.

With this first order, we are also excited to proclaim that our beef distribution is national! We will be sending orders to California and Florida! To non-family members! šŸ™‚

Three steers head in this week, and as has been the case each and every time I have sent cattle off for processing, I will cry. Regardless of peopleĀ telling me to not get attached, I do. I work to earn the trust of our herd, give them treats (apples), and bestow them with names. This week I have to say goodbye to Charlie, Clay, and Claude. It will not be easy. But I find peace in the knowledge that we provided them with a good life. Our methods ensure they get to graze and roam, naturally. These same methods also allow them to live longer lives than they would elsewhere. And finally, I know we gave them a better life than they likely would have had. They were loved, and their sacrifice is appreciated.

Now for those I haven’t turn vegetarian with my sappy reflection…..We have just one quarter remaining for our November order–let me know if you’re interested!

Here are some random pics of the herd:

DW4A6299 DW4A6300 DW4A6307 DW4A6319 DW4A6331 DW4A6361 the herd_May152015

3 thoughts on “First Market Offering

  1. I couldn’t do it I would be bawling for days. I see animals in trailers on the way to be slaughtered and I tear up. Thank you for providing healthy organic meat to family friends. I plan on ordering some soon!


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