September Photo Dump

September was a great month… Labor Day weekend at the lake and river, Richland County Fair with Connie’s cousins, the start of football season, experimenting with food, and meeting new friends. Complete update in a couple weeks with Miss Connie’s 6-month post.

DW4A6846_1 DW4A6853 DW4A6895 DW4A7291 DW4A7296 20150904_141605 20150904_163520 20150904_163632 20150904_163848 20150905_115938 20150905_151535 20150905_193604 20150905_205642 20150906_165534 20150906_170439 20150906_170755 20150906_185346 20150913_184423 20150929_175123

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