We started ‘sleep training’ last month. I’ll share more on that in a separate post. During this process, and by means of her natural development, she has learned to pull herself up and stand.

First she pulled herself up to her knees, but soon discovered the ability to stand tall. Now granted, she has been standing with assistance for many months, but this is a new milestone in that she is pulling herself up and holding weight while moving. She quickly took this new skill from the crib and has been applying it to every object in the house in which she might pull herself up on or climb: sofa, coffee table, high chair, dog seat, etc. AND the stairs! Just the other night we witnessed her attempt to climb steps. I love watching her discover her abilities.

This has been the new view of her in the crib. I must say, it is fun to hear her wake not by a cry but by the sound of her rocking the crib gate. 🙂 This mama tends to worry a bit about my sweet child, so to ensure this grand advancement doesn’t result in injury, the mattress has now been lower not once, but twice!


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