MOSES Conference

In late February I came across an article about two young farmers who were serving 65 CSA members on roughly four ares of land. I was impressed. The article mentioned the MOSES Organic Farming Conference and I thought I’d look it up as something for Cody and I to consider attending in the future.

Upon searching for the event, I discovered it was taking place the very next week. I printed off the agenda, we reviewed the sessions and decided it was worth our time. So we loaded Miss Connie and the pups and dropped them off with Grandma and Papa on our way to La Crosse.

We are committed to organic farming. Our beef are grass fed and forage. They are not confined or given a diet inconsistent with their natural design. Our crops are cultivated and rotated, never treated with herbicides or pesticides. The vegetable garden is fortified with compose and manure, not sprayed.

This way of life is in sync with mother nature and it is safe for us, our animals, our neighbors, and the bees! I am passionate about organic food and self-reliance and it was great to be among others who cherished this lifestyle during the MOSES conference.

Our current food system is not sustainable. Water sources are depleting. Our foods are saturated with toxins and chemicals. Our soils are exhausted. All of this is ignored in the name of profit. We need to work in harmony with Mother Nature. During this conference we learned we can be doing more, we can do better. Thank you MOSES for a fabulous experience.


The conference drew more than 3,600 attendees and 170 vendors. The bed and breakfasts and decent hotels in the La Crosse area were all booked. Cody suggested a cabin in Coon Valley he drives by from time to time. They had a cabin for us and we stayed two nights at the Coon Valley Cabins, next to Legends Bar. I was impressed. It was clean, neat and private. Our first night we ate at Legends. The food was great and the place was very clean and well decorated. The second night we ate at the Stockyard, again we were impressed with the food and decor. We come to expect bars in small towns to be, well, bars that serve food in a small town. Coon Valley raises the bar!

For two mornings, we drove from Coon Valley to the La Crosse Convention Center to attend the conference. It was like we were carpooling commuters!

The conference was great. We were engaged and inspired from the very first session. There were so many great topics on the schedule. Unfortunately, many times there were multiple sessions we wanted to attend and had to choose. Some we attended together and others we separated.

We attended sessions on grass-fed beef, quality hay, holistic livestock management, raising chickens, pasture hogs, row cropping, growing medicinal herbs and organic nutrition. We also had the opportunity to meet a fabulous couple from Missouri who recently moved from Pennsylvania. They left behind family and friends and a conventional farming lifestyle to make their mark as organic farmers. Truly inspiring.

We left with so many good ideas. We also were recharged with passion for our organic farm. It was great to hear directly from experts and farmers who have been there and done that. Of course my eyes were opened wide and I was eager to share with my husband all the things we need to do. He humored me and agreed, but of course some of it takes time. We have that.

This is a journey. Our journey.

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