11 Months

Officially our last ‘monthly’ photo session for Miss Connie… it saddens me that she has somehow transformed from a tiny helpless babe to a little woman on the move so quickly. But o the other hand, she has been a ton of fun and each month gets more fun. I am so am somewhat relieved that our photog Rachel will be handling her one-year photos. It is very difficult to get her to sit still for any length of time and the gimmicks that once worked, now have no effect.

She continues to be a smiley and happy baby and passes out kisses whenever asked. She loves singing and dancing, being sung to, and talking on the phone. She can clap along to “if you’re happy and you know it,” stack rings, and blow kisses. She loves being outside to give snuggles to the horses and moo at the cows. She could be off and walking any minute but is still gaining confidence with her balance.

Weight: 21 lbs   |   Height: 30.5″   |   Head: 18″   |  Teeth: Eight

Eyes: Hazel / Greenish-brown.  |  Hair: Brunette, though these images make it look lighter than in months past. It’s the lighting–that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Eats: She continues with her staple items but we’re adding new items all the time. We share our meals with her; eating off our plates makes her feel important. She loves kiwi, blueberries and meat.

Vaccinations: Just 1. The DTaP administered at six months. Details.

DW4A8238 copy

DW4A8227_1 copyDW4A8221_1 copy

DW4A8219_1 copy

DW4A8216_1 copy

DW4A8213_1 copy

DW4A8211_1 copy

DW4A8264_1 copy

DW4A8247_1 copy

DW4A8244_1 copy

DW4A8280_1 copy

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