Happy, happy, happy birthday, Miss Connie! I could mention all the clichés that come with time going too fast, but I’ll just say I am in awe. She’s developed into a little person with personality, tenacity, and a big heart. This has been an amazing year, truly. One year transformation

Weight: 22.02 lbs (83%)   |   Height: 32.75″ (100+%)   |   Head: 18.25″ (86%)

Eyes: Light brown  |  Hair: I’m still calling her a Brunette   |  Teeth: Eight

Words: Mama, Dad (Da-da), more, ball, yum-yum. She mimics the cows and sings songs in her own language.

Eats: The guard is down and she is at liberty to try anything. We tested peanut butter this week and so far, no sign of a nut allergy! We also started introducing whole milk mixed with her formula as we will begin weaning her off formula and converting to 100% whole milk now that she is a mature one-year-old. This week she also tried cucumbers and green bell peppers. I found a good organic option for mac’n’cheese and she loved that!

Vaccinations: She had her one-year wellness checkup today. If we were following the recommended schedule, eight vaccinations would have been administered at this appointment. Doesn’t sound like much of a birthday present to me. We passed on all. (Oh, fun fact… As of February 1, the vaccination schedule increased from 70 to 74 recommended shots by age 17. Wowzers!)

She is happy and healthy. She is sweet, smart, and silly. She is fun and feisty. She is absolutely the best thing we ever did. Happy birthday, my sweet angel. Thank you for the amazing gift of motherhood. I love that you are my daughter! The pride and joy I hold for you consumes me. Keep smiling!_L3A0846_1 copy_L3A0857_1 copy_L3A0858 copy_L3A0864 copy_L3A0871 copy_L3A0873 copy_L3A0877_1 copy_L3A0880 copy_L3A0887_1 copy_L3A0893 copy_L3A0904 copy_L3A0915_1 copy_L3A0916 copy_L3A0927 copy_L3A0954 copy_L3A0955 copy

So she doesn’t always smile! 🙂 Love that face!

_L3A0989 copy_L3A0992_1 copy_L3A1012_1 copy_L3A1020_1 copy_L3A1041_1 copy

This session was captured by Rachel Manzke Photography four days before her first birthday. As part of this session we enjoyed a ‘cake smash’ and then a ‘splash’ photo session–see those photos here.

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