Cake Smash

A milestone birthday calls for a milestone photo session! Following her one-year commemorative photos, we celebrated with a cake smash!

Now there are different levels of “protective parent.” I let Connie explore and figure things out for herself and don’t hover too much. She’s received bruises and scratches along the way, but she has also gained confidence and curiosity and is developing very well. When it comes to what she is consuming however, I hover! It is important to me that her exposure to pesticides, toxins, and processed foods is very limited. Continue reading

Sugar and Your Health

Sugar is killing you, literally. It  impairs your health, makes you more prone to disease, causes skin problems, impacts your mood, and is slowing you down.


As a female, I have always been conscience about maintaining my weight, getting exercise and controlling portions. Over the past few months however I have really taken conscientious to a new level and am more involved in my food selections.

I have a sweet tooth. And my vice is chocolate. A craving for a bite of chocolate turned into devouring an entire bar or bag of whatever treat had found its way into my home. I realized that the more I ate the more I wanted. I wasn’t satisfying a sweet tooth anymore, I was addicted. At the same moment I was questioning my addiction, my friend Rachel suggested I watch That Sugar Film.

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