And so it begins…

“Presence is when you’re no longer waiting for the next moment, believing that the next moment will be more fulfilling than this one.”  – Eckhart Tolle

…here I am, embarking upon a new adventure and as a result of this discovered passion, I am opening a new chapter to the book of my personal life.  My new[er] passion is photography and the blessings that have guided me here are numerous, but I’d like to name just a few: 
  • My family and friends who have endured my photography discussions and endless camera clicks to allow me to hone a skill I will be working to master for as long as this passion remains within me.  And my loved ones who support me and encourage me.
  • My dear friends who have provided me with “legitimate studio” space!  Your kindness and support humbles me and I am so very grateful.
  • My mentor, Rachel.  Whether she knows it or not, she brought me here.  I am proclaiming myself as a photographer and now blogging [!]… and she is to blame.  She introduced me to DSLR and saw the light bulb that  went off when I first held her camera.  She sold me my camera, has answered numerous questions, shared learning opportunities, and has encouraged me along this path.  I am grateful for her willingness and for her friendship.  She means more to me and has inspired me more than she will ever realize—photography aside.  Truly, she is talented and also an amazing mother of the most interesting children I have ever met, her twins, Eli and Arianna [E & A].  Check out her photographic work product at and follow the adventures of E & A on her blog:
I have always loved photos.  I love going through old albums.  I would never leave the house without my Sony “snap-and-shoot” or a camera phone on me.  I was the picture-taker at gatherings.  I have captured thousands of images of my pets [BIG animal lover and proud Mama of four dogs, nine horses–with a foal on the way, three cats, a goat, and soon, a bunny!].  And I understand the importance of capturing special moments—of stopping time for a moment and being able to recall a dozen memories from a single photograph.
Upgrading to a DSLR sent my passion for photos to an entirely new level.  I am excited to introduce [LP] lorenaphotography. 

I’d be honored to capture a beautiful image for you.  On location, at your home, or in-studio. 
The photos below are examples of what I enjoyed capturing “pre-DSLR” (my home, Castle Rock Lake, and the amazing four-legged creatures I share my life with).  As this journey unfolds, I’ll share recent works and client sessions, but I feel it’s good to know where you came from, where you started, in every aspect of life.
Follow me along my journey and push me to be the best I can be.  Connect with me online at email me at


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