Picture Perfect

So often I am reminded that it is the little things in life that truly are the [BIG] things.  Like time with the ones you love, enjoying God’s beauty, taking time for yourself, and of course, witnessing the amazing spirit of animals.

On Sunday we decided to hop on the four-wheeler and enjoy the great outdoors.  Well, actually, I suggested a hike so that I might play with the Sigma 18-200 lens that I rented and capture some new images on a February winter day.  Cody thought the four-wheeler would be more fun and provide the kids [pups] with more exercise.

They had a grand time chasing us across the pasture, over the hills, and through the woods.  It was a beautiful day, and while the scope of the lens practice was not what I had originally planned, nor was the quality of the images as I clicked away while strapped to the back of a cruising four-wheeler, the images are ones I cherish nonetheless. They remind me of my numerous blessings and extraordinary life, and of an afternoon we stole and made just for us.  

That really is the beauty of photos.  They take us back, make us pause, reflect.  A thousand memories can be recalled with a single glance.  They are the storybook to our life. 

They also illustrate that Cody may be my biggest kid of all and particularly enjoyed our outing, thanks to the discovery of an ice patch!  Wishing you blessings and happiness.
p.s. there are only a couple slots remaining for Easter Mini Sessions on March 17.  Contact me to book your child’s session. 

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