Frosty Winter Morning

So many times I have drove past this spot and wished to photograph it, especially during early morning hours.  Knowing this day would offer the perfect blend of natural light and Mother Nature’s elements, I bundled up and left early with my camera and tripod.  I was going to wish no longer–I was going to capture!  I’m so glad I did.  My sister thinks I am crazy, but I love Wisconsin winters; I love the variations of beauty we get to experience here.  Standing at the bridge adjusting my settings, I was excited, and thanks to the cool air, very awake.  Here are the results.

The image below was captured as the result of a good photography tip I read once:  “Don’t forget to look at what is behind you, and give it as much consideration, or you may miss out.”  This was not what I traveled to capture this morning, but I love the color and image captured by shooting toward the rising sun.  And I’m glad I remembered to look behind me!

One of my most favorite things: frost on tree branches.  

Normally I try not to over process a photo, but on this one I tried a couple different effects to enhance the [frostiness]. Which do you like best: original, sepia, or cyan?

Winter will soon be over, and this type of beautiful morning will be replaced with buds of green, mud puddles, and fresh earthy air.  I love Wisconsin.  It offers four true seasons, abounding beauty, and no shortage of photographic opportunities.  Blessings!

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