Our Engagement Session

The Engagement Session Photo Post! Nearly three months ago we had our engagement session with Rachel Manzke, and a week before our wedding, I am getting them posted! It’s been a busy summer to say the least. I am very excited to walk down the aisle next week, to the man in which my soul finds peace, happiness, and joy with. He has enriched my world, shown me true love, friendship and partnership. God placed him in my path and lead me right to him, and I am forever grateful.

In true fashion, Cody humored me. I didn’t just want a couples photo session to commemorate our engagement, I wanted a themed, multi-wardrobe, multi-location, prop-infused session. 🙂 

It started with a 30s theme. How pumped was I when Uncle Nick agreed to allow us to use “Harry” the 1930 Model A for our session to bring this together. (Even more pumped when we got to drive it! Amazing!) THANK YOU, Uncle Nick!

From there we enjoyed romance in the hay mow, a picnic with Brandy Old Fashioneds, a casual walk in the field with the John Deere 70, …wardrobe changes and new areas around our farm—this beautiful place we are blessed to call our home.

Due to very limited time these past few months, many of these images are not even edited yet (sorry, Rachel!). But soon we will have wedding photos to share, so I thought I should post our engagement photos first, before we say “I do.”

Thank you, Cody. My friend, my partner, my love. You are truly wonderful.

Thank you to Rachel, our talented photog for traveling to our home, capturing these images over three hours of shooting, and putting up with my ideas, hiking all over the farm.

Hair and make up by Toni Rae Harris Salon.

_L3A0571_1 _L3A0552_1 _L3A0465_1 _L3A0437_1 _L3A0412_1 _L3A0396_1 _L3A0364_7 _L3A0357_1 _L3A0317_1 _L3A0312_1 _L3A0300 _L3A0254 _L3A0195_1 _L3A0172_2 _L3A0091_1_L3A0123  _L3A0044_2 _L3A0010_1 _L3A9933_1 _L3A9913_2 _L3A9904_1 _L3A9807_1 _L3A9733_1 _L3A9731_1 _L3A0678_1 _L3A0579_1_L3A0592_1_L3A0632_1

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