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Many of our friends and family likely have heard the news or seen our updated cover images on Facebook in which we quietly revealed our announcement of expecting our first child. Here’s the full story.

Cody’s been indicating his readiness to have kids for some time now. Even before we got engaged. Once we were engaged, it was officially decided, we would start trying to increase our joy–and workload–on Bear Vale as soon as we were married.

We have personal experiences with family and friends who have tried for months and even years before successfully conceiving. So, since I didn’t think it would happen immediately, we opted to start trying prior to the wedding by a month or two. This decision by itself was awesome. We were electing to not only commit to each other for our lives, but to create and raise a child together. What an amazing blessing. More so, I knew that if we were not able to conceive on our own, that I was building a life and home with a man who would be open to fostering and/or adopting so that we could provide a loving, learning, and valuable home for a child. No matter what, we were going to become parents. It was just a matter of how, and when. And we left that up to God.

Much to my amazement, in about six weeks, a month prior to our wedding, I received the confirmation via home test that I was pregnant. It didn’t sink in–it seemed too easy. 

Cody was on the road and not due home for two days, and I didn’t want to share this life altering news with him over the phone. While he was away, I hit the baby clearance rack and found a onesie that read “Daddy’s Sidekick.” I bought it and added a small sign below the text that read, “Arriving Spring 2015.” I’d already pulled up the online pregnancy calculators and estimated our due date. When Cody got home at the end of the week, I had his “gift” wrapped and waiting for him. His response was true Cody fashion….calm and steady. He simply said, “Really? Well, great. Good!” For both of us, it took time to become reality.

We had the wedding to focus on and I didn’t want to share the news too early. They say it is best to get through the first trimester–13 weeks or so–just to be sure the pregnancy “sticks.” Our wedding marked 10 weeks and 2 days. And we had all our family surrounding us that weekend. I really wanted the opportunity to share the news with everyone, at once, face-to-face. The day after the wedding, we invited both our families over for brunch. We sat everyone down, thanked them for their love, support, and help in pulling together our lovely wedding day. Cody’s dad provided a pre-meal prayer, and when he finished, Cody proclaimed that we had one more announcement. With that, he removed his sweatshirt to reveal a shirt I purchased for him. It showcased two big thumbs pointing inward and the words, “This Man is Going to be a Daddy!” It was a fun way to share our news and we loved the opportunity to have all our family there, especially those who are not geographically close.

A few weeks later, my dear friend was out for her family photo shoot and she captured a few images of Cody and I with his revel t-shirt. This was just recently added to Facebook to share our happy news with our wider circle. Photo credit: Rachel Manzke Photography 

Last week, my company asked me to participate in a video montage of well-wishes for our members. We were to capture video of where we live/our home area (we’re a virtual company with staff from Seattle to Orlando and every where in between), say who we are, share what we are thankful for, and then wish the viewers a Happy Thanksgiving. I had not yet revealed to work my pregnancy. While a few of my close colleagues knew, I had not yet told my boss or counterparts. I thought this video was the perfect opportunity. Here it is (big thanks to my camera woman, Shae!).

(Video had to be compressed for uploading so resolution is terrible in full screen mode, apologies.)
This week marks 20 weeks, our half way point. I feel the baby moving now, the belly is coming in, and its starting to feel real, though this is just the beginning.

We are so happy and excited and tremendously blessed. God has been so good us. I am so grateful for the opportunity to create life, to do so with an amazing man, my partner and love. I am thrilled to become a mother and shape a life. And I am thankful for the family and friends who surround us and will give this child so much love and experience.

We will not be learning the gender of our baby—bring on the green and yellow, grey and beige! Our prayer is that our little one grows strong and healthy day by day, that they stay put until the time is right, that I labor and welcome this child into the world, surrounded by support and love and strength. Boy or girl, they will be the greatest addition to our worlds since we found each other.

We are starting some major remodeling projects to get ready for our little one. While most of these projects we would have conducted regardless, a babe has a way of giving you incentive… and a deadline! First up, a new living room, then on to the rest.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement. 

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