Boy? or Girl?

This week marks our 29th week of pregnancy, with just 11 more to go! Time is going so fast. The topic of boy or girl comes up frequently when talking to friends and strangers alike. In this day and age, it is just customary to find out the gender of your baby. Well, we’re a bit old-fashioned in this department, and the color scheme of the nursery, outfits, diaper bag and car seat are unimportant factors in persuading us otherwise.

That said, everyone has their prediction! I’ve had my belly touched and while doing so the person had a look as if they were summoning cosmic energies. Their prediction, boy. I’ve had others tell me I look like I am carrying in a way that would indicate we are having a girl. My father thinks boy based on the ultra sound image. And others make their selection based on what THEY want!

We’ve all heard various wives tales so I decided to try out a few….


Chinese Calendar: My sister-in-law believes the Chinese Calendar is a good predictor. It predicts based on the month you conceived and your age when you conceived. I entered my data into four different websites, three revealed girl, one revealed boy. There’s a 50% chance of being right….or wrong!

How Do I Carry? If you’re all in the front and low, a boy; if your high and big, a girl. Hmm… Well, I am carrying in the belly, or so I’d like to think, and it seems to be not too high or too low.  I don’t know about this one!

My Skin:  “A little girl steals your beauty.” I have (what I try to affectionately refer to as ) “baby acne”. Normally I have pretty good skin, but during pregnancy I am getting breakouts, especially on the chin. I chalk it up to hormones, but maybe it’s a girl? On the other hand, dry skin is a predictor that it’s a boy. Dry skin? Check! So boy? Of course it is winter….

Heartrate: 140 bpm or higher, a girl, lower, a boy. Heart rate has consistently been 140 or higher from weeks 13 through present. A girl?

Cravings: Sweet, girl, salty/sour, boy. Well, early on, I went through several jars of Old Milwaukee Dill Pickle Midgets and a few boxes of sour patch kids. That has subsided. I do crave sweet, but that has been a battle all my life (I blame my father) and I don’t need or love chocolate any more than I did prior to pregnancy…..but truly, I NEED chocolate! No strange cravings for me, but Cody has spent the last three weeks craving Prime Rib, is that an indicator?

Morning Sickness: If you’re queasy, its pink, if you sail through, it’s blue. I was luckier than most, only experienced sickness for about 4-5 weeks. But I did experience it, so girl? However my cousin had sickness most of her pregnancy and she just had a boy.

Mood: If you’re moody, it’s a girl, if you’re chill, it’s a boy. I’d like to think I am pretty chill. Period.

Then there is always the mother’s instinct. Some have told me they knew what they were having or could just sense it when they were pregnant. Either I don’t have that sense or it hasn’t developed yet. I have no clue!

I do know that blue or pink, they are loved and wanted and we are excited.

What’s your prediction? 

While the NFC Championship game did not go the way we wanted, this pregnancy is going great!

While the NFC Championship game did not go the way we wanted, this pregnancy is going great!

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