We’re making progress

We’re making progress on the new living room.  Well…Cody is. He started with an open space, void of warmth, shape, character or style. Began framing, then the walls, ceiling, trim, and now on to the floor. This space will give us a much larger living room and place to welcome guests. Cody also framed in a true entryway, as well as storage space and utilitiy closets to help us stay organized—or at least to hide the clutter. 🙂

I am so excited for this project to wrap up. When it does, it means we can move on to the others! The current living room will be stripped of carpet, the hardwood refinished, then my office will occupy that space. That then opens up my current office to become the spare bedroom, and the spare bedroom becomes the nursery. Bit by bit.

Nice work, Baby!

The flooring is going in!

The flooring is going in!


New entry way leading to bathroom



A work in progress…..



Car siding for the walls, deep rich wood floors



Galvanized steel ceiling



Added bonus! We discovered we have hard wood floors throughout the home—-no more carpet!

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