36 Week Update

Home project series recap: Build new living room > Move furniture and set up new living room > Remove carpet from old living room, transition this space to become the office > Old office becomes the spare bedroom, but needs an overhaul > Spare room becomes the nursery

Completing the living room project paved the way to get the upstairs tackled (well, part of it). This week, Cody put the finishing touches on our spare bedroom. After demoing and stripping it, we had new drywall installed then textured, painted, put in new floor, door, and trim. All that is left to do was move the furniture in and begin setting up the nursery! While there a many enhancements we’d like to make to the room that is our nursery, there are some things we can live with for now, and new projects to plan for in the future.

We’ll remove the carpet from the nursery, installing shelves and adding some functionality and decor, but otherwise leaving it as-is. Our new spare room will be the nicest of our bedroom options, great for family and guests when visiting. One day we will start progress on the second story addition and add a large master bedroom and upstairs bath. Someday. In the meantime, we will prepare for Baby LoCo. At 36 weeks today, we have just 4 weeks or so until their arrival. Which reminds me, I really need to get the hospital bag packed!

This weather is amazing! Spring appears to be here. Of course we’ll get some more bouts with cold and snow before winter lets go completely, but I am ready to start gardening soon! We’re enjoying the longer days and warm temps as we usher in “Mud Season.” So far, I still fit between the feed bunk bars!

35 Weeks, 5 Days, with Claire

On a very sad note, we lost our beloved Sadie last week (3.4.15). Normally, I would keep this private, as it is hard to share. But as this blog serves as the journal entries of our life, I would be remiss to not include a deep loss to our family. Sadie was beautiful, full of love and sweetness. I was so looking forward to introducing her to Baby LoCo. You see, I rescued Sadie when she was just 18 weeks old. She didn’t have much human interaction until that point, and a lot of fear. It took a long time to get her to accept anyone other than me. She grew braver each year and had her favorite people, Cody and I of course, and my family members who she saw frequently. However, with no luck was I ever able to get her to feel comfortable with kids. Children of all ages scared her and she would keep her distance. Visiting kids would say “I want to pet that one” and make their way to her only to have her retreat. I knew that with her own child, one she would be exposed to and age with, she would attach herself to them and love and protect them–I so wanted to witness that. It’s hard not to think of her. She enriched my life for nearly 9 years. She was our farm hand, our hiking companion, our watch dog, our greeter. She made our everyday chores into adventures with her excited spirit. I look out our windows and doors and expect to see here there. She was supposed to grow old with me. I will miss her terribly and wish so badly she could be with us. My heart aches for Kava who certainly feels her loss as her companion for the past 8 years. I pray she knows how much I love her, that she made my life better just by existing, and that she is enjoying new adventures in doggy heaven, as she deserves. God bless you, and keep you, Sadie.

 DW4A0464_1     DW4A0417_1

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Reminder: We are seeking nanny applicants for Baby LoCo. More details here.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. May your memories of her comfort you. Remember all of the people and pets we let into our lives make us who we are–I like who you are so we owe a bit of that to Sadie:)

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