37 Weeks

The Kids, always thrilled to have their photo taken 🙂

37 weeks today! How fast this pregnancy has gone.

Of course I have no previous experience to compare it to, but I feel I have been spoiled. We sailed through initial concerns and my midwife has shared her excitement for how well we’ve done throughout. She was also very excited to discover that babe was in a -1 station during our appointment on Tuesday. This means LoCo is sitting low in the pelvis, and is head down! All good signs. I give credit to this low positioning to my consistent chiropractic and massage therapy treatments. Alignment matters! At least twice per month, since the end of my first trimester, I have been getting chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy targeted at prenatal care. I look forward to those four appointments every month and believe they have aided in how good I feel. I enjoyed a treatment with the skilled hands of Melodi Luko today, in fact! She provides services out of Bowdatious Salon in Spring Green.

No swelling, no back aches, no leg cramps, and no “other common pregnancy symptoms.” I probably just jinxed myself!

With roughly 3 weeks to go, I am happy to still be sporting my wedding bands, and only have the occasional discomforts of muscle stretches, being poked in the ribs/lungs, and frequent trips to the restroom. I think I actually had more symptoms/pangs in the first and second trimesters. The Third has been great! Weight gain total so far is 27 lbs.

It’s exciting to consider that any day it could be “time!” We are hopeful for a full term of 40 weeks, and for the remaining time to prepare. Nesting has not yet set in, but we
are through with the interior home projects…. for now. More to come later, but with spring here (officially tomorrow, Happy Spring!) we’re starting to consider outdoor activities and projects, which includes lots-o-gardening!
DW4A3761 copyWe’ve also been on a “going out to eat” kick lately. And when I say “we” I mean “Cody.” And when I say “lately” I mean for the past several weeks/few months. On some occasions, we’ve joined family and friends for an outing, but in many cases, it’s just been the two of us. While we enjoy treating ourselves here and there, we have eaten out consistently at least once per week for the past several weeks–non typical behavior for us. I considered that perhaps Cody wanted to get out as much as possible while we can, while the babe is in utero and travels so easily. He confirmed it. Soon we will be nesters, home with LoCo, missing social gatherings, and we are OK with that. As we have become regulars at The Woods, we’d like to share this gem with you all and suggest you visit. Our seats will soon be vacant. 🙂 They have very good prime rib on Saturdays and a weekend salmon dish–new preparation each week. And we enjoyed our St. Patty’s Day dinner, via a corned beef carry-outs, also, very well done.

I am so proud of my husband and the efforts he put toward our home interior projects. The living room turned out fabulously. I am enjoying the new office location downstairs. We have an updated bedroom to offer guests. And the nursery awaits our little one.

Our nursery is generic. The result of not knowing the gender and simplifying. I really love this little space. I’ve spent multiple mornings and evening in the glider reading story books to LoCo and envisioning the day s/he will rest in this room.

We still have some finishing touches — tonight’s project. Finish the trim work and hang a photo frame. 🙂

DW4A3737 copy DW4A3741 copy DW4A3743 copy DW4A3744 copy DW4A3745 copy DW4A3746 copy DW4A3749 copy


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