6 Weeks_Photo Dump

It’s been six weeks (and two days) since we welcomed you into this world, Sweet Baby Connie. While I have not taken as many photos as I thought I would have to this point, I have taken a fair share, and it’s time for a “photo dump.” Here’s a photo recap of your six weeks of life. You’ve grown so much and I wish for time to slow down.


Thank you, Grandma Cathy. This was a wonderful surprise to come home to.



DW4A3826 DW4A3841 DW4A3852 copy DW4A3830










20150510_192249 20150501_134711 20150429_132438 20150426_180908 20150425_132236 20150420_162233 20150420_162011DW4A395820150512_20455420150510_192858 DW4A3882 DW4A3874 DW4A3862 DW4A4135 DW4A3917DW4A4037DW4A4040

DW4A4045 copy

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