Wild West Adventure 2016

Miss Connie was six and a half months when she first traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Pulvermachers in the Wild, Wild West (Webster, South Dakota). We made the trip again this year, a few weeks later than the year before and experienced our first snowfall of 2016, as well as a quality visit.

Fabulous, home-cooked meals, warm hospitality, genuine excitement, fencing, vintage toys, stories, cows, and dancing filled our three full days. Great moments, lasting memories. Continue reading

Early Summer Photo Dump

I was diligent in posting monthly during the first 12 months, purging our monthly collection of photos. That first year is a big one and I think we did well to capture it in our various forms. Going forward, we’ll purge photos periodically. Here is what early summer has looked like so far.

She loves rides on the tractor, skid steer and four wheeler. We take frequent walks around the land. New to the farm this year, oats. A trip to the zoo, berry picking, and everyday life on the farm.

She is so fun right now. Continue reading

Thy Will Be Done

Life resumes without any hesitation. Certainly that is a good thing, but the slightest of a hesitation would be good too, to not feel like I am plowing ahead at full speed without him.

There is this pressure—most likely self-inflicted—to act as is if nothing happened. To move on, to be normal. To not bring others down with my sorrow, to not reopen my own wound.  Continue reading

Our Loss of James

Timing. Within hours of going public with our happy baby news we experienced the loss every parent fears. Many may wonder why I would share this or write about it, especially so soon.

I write. I enjoy it and it helps—a form of therapy if you will. I also write to recall our experience, to memorialize our child, to help—mostly me but perhaps others as well. This blog is our story and this is a chapter in that story. Continue reading

Miss Connie’s News

The best little girls get promoted to big sister!

In late February, Cody and I headed to the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. It was a two-night, two-day event away from Miss Connie. Our first night there, I wasn’t feeling well. The next day we got up to go to the conference center, I was feeling better. But once we got there I was burning up. In a crowded meeting room I assumed the heat of all those people elevated my body temp. I noticed my warm-blooded husband however in his hooded sweatshirt, completely zipped up. “Aren’t you hot? I’m boiling!” To which he responded, “You’re pregnant!” Continue reading

Goodbye to Gus

In January I blogged about our fight with Gus’ cancer. This past week, we lost the fight and had to say good-bye.

Gus was a great dog. I mean, all dogs are great, truly, but he had a special way about him, his own style that made everyone fall in love with him. With every vet visit, the doctors and technicians fell in love with him. Kids loved him because he was so calm and didn’t push them over (unlike Nora). Everyone else saw that face, those eyes, and remarked about him.  Continue reading

Arkansas Birthday Celebration

In just a few short days, our sweet angel will be a year old. I’m still in disbelief. We had the opportunity last weekend to visit with our Arkansas family, the Eichorsts. We departed on Thursday at about 4 p.m. Miss Connie fell asleep at her usual time of 8 p.m. and as she stayed asleep through the night, we drove through the night. Cody delivered us safely to my sister’s home almost 12 hours after we left Bear Vale. Continue reading

Family Winter Session

Fall is the typical time in which families gather to get their annual photo session. The fall colors, the comfortable temperatures, and the timing before the holiday card season favor this timing. While we did do a fall session as we typically do (find here)–colors arrived late so these look more like summer images–Rachel and I also wanted winter snowy photos. We had scheduled and rescheduled this session three times to try to get the right amount of snow on the ground. Little did we know our last date shift would result in a perfect snowy Wisconsin day in February. Valentine’s day no less.

Continue reading


Mr. Popular...and his friendsFor the past year we have been fighting leg tumors on Gus. In November 2014 we did the first surgery to remove the mass. After a few months, it returned. A second surgery was scheduled in June 2015. Within a few months, the tumor came back. Within weeks, as quickly as it came on, it disappeared. A miracle of sorts–good! Continue reading

First Christmas

We had several gatherings this year for Christmas 2015. I was looking forward to the holiday with Miss Connie. She is old enough to tear paper and open the gifts, but not yet old enough to understand why or what is in the wrapped package. Also not yet old enough to tear through gift after gift like a Tasmanian devil. This year, we was more into eating the wrapping paper than opening the gift completely.  Continue reading


When I attend a funeral and listen to the the words people select to describe their loved one, or when I read an eulogy or obituary, I wonder, “what will they say about me?” We probably all do that to some extent. We may even think, ‘well of course they say nice things, no one is going to tell you what a jerk the dead guys was.…’ I always find it hits me during those moments and I walk away telling myself to be conscience of my actions, words and example and conduct myself in a way I would want to be remembered. I try to carry those thoughts with me… ‘what will they say about me? how will others remember me? what is my legacy?’ With the hustle and bustle of every day life, I soon forget. I need reminders.  Continue reading

A visit with Great Grandma

The days and years go by too fast, and the visits and time with family, the truly important things, get lost in the shuffle of daily life. My grandmother lives about an hour and a half from me, but for one reason, of for or a dozen bad excuses, I see her just once a year on average. I was excited when she made the journey to join us in June for Mariah’s graduation party. We also got to see her last week. Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015

So very much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day was spend with the Carpenter’s at Grandma Betty’s following the 5.5k Plain Pilgrimage.

On the Saturday following, we hosted the Lettman clan. A ‘photo booth’ was set up to get some family pics. My sister and her family were once again home and it was so great to have them here.

Miss Connie sampled new foods and was showered with love by family.

Thank you Auntie Rachel for the adorable “My 1st Thanksgiving” hat and bib set.


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