I’ve wanted to get bees for years now, but had no idea where to start. I looked into it here and there but still didn’t know how to get started. Earlier this year Green TTEC held some workshops–one of which was a beekeeping class. Awesome! ….sort of. I left with more questions than answers and still held the fear of murdering swarm after swarm while trying to get it right. That led to a conversation with a friend who put me in touch with a professional bee keeper. Schultz Pure Honey came out to Bear Vale and we identified a good location for 32 hives. We provide the land, the bees pollinate our gardens and plants, and the bee keepers do what they know to do–keep the bees alive and well. It’s pretty neat and I enjoy watching the growth of our hives and the friendly winged visitors around the yard.

DW4A3906 DW4A3907 DW4A3908 DW4A4067 DW4A4068 DW4A4069 DW4A4070 DW4A4071 DW4A4072 DW4A4073 DW4A4074 DW4A3902 DW4A3903 DW4A3904 DW4A3905


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