Eichorst Visit and Mariah’s Grad Party

Miss Connie met her Aunt Dena, Uncle David, and cousins Mariah, Marisia, and Madalyn last month when they made the trip home from Arkansas. We had a great (but too short) visit and celebrated Mariah’s graduation. Here are some images from their visit. The girls were very excited to meet our sweet baby Connie and they were so awesome with her. Wish you were all closer! Hope to see you soon.

DW4A4474 DW4A4344 DW4A4355 DW4A4364 DW4A4368 DW4A4369 DW4A4370 DW4A4373 DW4A4379 DW4A4384 DW4A4387 DW4A4392 DW4A4395 DW4A4397 DW4A4401 DW4A4402 DW4A4405 DW4A4410 DW4A4414 DW4A4426 DW4A4432 DW4A4437 DW4A4440 DW4A4449 DW4A4469

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