3 Months

Three months have flown by and with the anticipation of the next I tell myself I am not going to rush through the photos, but here again, another rush job. Oh well. It’s not the quality but rather the on purpose act of capturing her changes from month to month. Not to mention she looks sweet and beautiful in every image. (no bias!)

Connie Elizabeth turned 3 months while in San Diego! My company hosts an annual Symposium for estate and elder law planning attorneys in which I manage our vendors. 13 weeks was too soon to be separated from my angel, so Cody took a week of PTO time and the two of them joined me. I’ll do a post about that adventure as well. Since we were out of our environment and mama was tied up with work, photos had to wait until we returned. These were captured six days following her official 3 month birthday.

Month Three

  • Weight: Not officially captured, but guessing approx. 13 lbs.
  • Height: Approximately 25+”. Last measured at 2 month check up.
  • Eyes: Still baffle us. I don’t know what color to call them. Grey, blue, green, and brown hues show through.
  • Hair: Still a Brunette! She has not lost any of her hair and it is beginning to get longer and fill in.
  • Changes:
    • She rolls over with ease from back to tummy. Also loves to stand up (with assistance of course).
    • “Talking” more and more. It’s the sweetest.
    • “Giggles” during tummy tickles
    • Mimicking expressions and noises
  • New Discoveries and Milestones:
    • Getting better control of neck/head each day
    • Hands! Discovering her hands can grab things and wants them in her mouth often, as the pictures reflect.
  • Eats: Continues to nurse well and often.
  • Sleeps: Waking more through the evening than last month, but still sleeping pretty well. Wakes, eats, and goes back to bed. Some nights she does great, other nights she is up several times. All in all, she is doing well and mama is getting rest so no complaints.

She is a happy, sweet baby. I am still is awe that she is all ours!

DW4A4600_1 DW4A4610_1 DW4A4615_1 DW4A4621_1 DW4A4638_1 DW4A4647_1 DW4A4658_1 DW4A4664_1 DW4A4676_1 DW4A4676_2 DW4A4686_1


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