San Diego

Team Pulvermacher spent last week in San Diego. I had to be there for work. Our babe arrived just shy of 13 weeks before this trip, so the idea of being away from her for a full week, finding care, and managing feedings for her was too much. Off to San Diego we went. Connie was awesome. She took the travels, flying, noise, etc. all in stride. There was barely a fuss. We had four flight legs total. Most of which she slept through.

Cody took the week off of work and was there to be the primary care giver. I had some time during the evenings and could get a break here and there to feed, but by and large, he was on full-time daddy duty Monday through Thursday. Initially, I felt guilty that he was sacrificing a week of PTO and that we weren’t able to spend that time together as a family doing tourist/vacation things. But within a few days of our trip, I noticed a big change in the relationship of my husband and daughter. She loves her daddy, no doubt. And he is smitten by her. But with each passing day I saw them become closer. I asked Cody if he noticed a difference and he said “a little.” It was obvious to me. He was much more confident in his role and in caring for her as she needed. And she was much more attached to him. Daily they talked to each other, bonded, and went out for adventures. Cody took her on walks and explored the area in and around our hotel located on the bayfront of San Diego.

Here she is talking with her daddy one early morning.

On our way home, we went through MSP. Beau and Caleb met us there and met Connie Elizabeth for the first time.

We are happy to be home and have this trip behind us. And I am glad for their father daughter time.


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