4 Months

The thermostat in the house reads 90 degrees. No A/C. 🙂 So since it’s hot and while she can still get away with it, we went topless for these images. Denim skirt compliments of Auntie Angee and headband from Great Aunt Amy and Great Uncle Tom.

Since early on, people have said she looks like Cody. While I don’t see Cody specifically when I look at her, I have noticed over the past month all the things that are his. She has his eyebrows, his hairline, his large eyes, his mouth, his calm demeanor. I have even found myself pondering her personality traits and how they mimic her father’s. So while I don’t see Cody when I look at her—I see all he has passed to her, his features, but in the version of a tiny, beautiful baby girl. Probably sounds funny/strange. 🙂

I am still taking credit for the chin and ears…and maybe the hair, but time will tell on that one.

Gus and Nora wanted to be included and close to Baby Connie, so they made a cameo this month.

1/3 of a year has passed! Month Four:

  • Weight: 14.9 pounds (67th percentile)
  • Height: 26.75″ (100th percentile) …is it too soon to notify colleges?!
  • Eyes: What color do you call that? Grey? Hazel? Still trying to figure them out. They are unique and gorgeous.
  • Hair: Still a Brunette, mostly. Hues of blond and red seem to appear depending on the light. I think it is getting lighter in general…the back remains dark. Her eyebrows are dark so I am hopeful that helps to keep her head of hair dark too!
  • Discoveries/Milestones/Changes:
    • Many babies lose some of their hair. She has maintained most of her’s with the exception of some loss on the sides (she’s a side and tummy sleeper). Should make for a great mullet as the top and back continue to grow.
    • Getting better with her hands. She can grab items and pull them to her mouth.
    • A champion roller from back to tummy, even to the left now.
    • To daddy’s delight, seems to be more dominant with her left hand.
    • She has this sweet thing she does with me. When my face is close to hers, she holds it with her hands, gentle, and gazes at me. Sometimes she will babble while she does it. Melts my heart.
    • She giggles when tickled and during play at times.
    • Continues to find her voice and chatters often—it’s the sweetest sound!
  • Eats: Continues to nurse well and often. We started supplementing with organic formula when needed (sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up) and have introduced some solids (very miniscule amounts) via organic baby cereal added to the bottle and mashed banana.
  • Sleeps: A bottle before bed has helped her get back into sleeping for longer periods. Typically she goes down around 9:30 p.m. and sleeps until 3:30 a.m. and back up around 5 a.m. She goes right back down after nursing each time. Naps during the day are short, usually 10-30 minutes and back up. occasionally she’ll nap for an hour.
  • She smiles often and for everyone. She a pretty happy and content baby girl. Unless it’s between 7 and 10 pm, then she only wants Mama—and I’m good with that! :

DW4A5751_1 DW4A5756_1 DW4A5758_1 DW4A5759_1 DW4A5760_1 DW4A5760_3 DW4A5765_2 DW4A5769_1 DW4A5770_2 DW4A5772_1 DW4A5773_1 DW4A5789_1 DW4A5798_1 DW4A5814_1 DW4A5823_1 DW4A5844_1 DW4A5845_1 DW4A5741_1



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