Fair Fun

Cody and I started an annual tradition of taking the Schlutervixens to the Richland County Fair a few years back and we look forward to our evening with them each year. We had a bonus kiddo this year–B-Man Bryce joined in the fun, and after already attending the night before, he had the inside scoop on all the good games! Grandma Cathy also joined us which was a welcome help! As they get older—and too cool for us—this tradition my die off, but for now, it’s going strong. Last year Miss Connie was but a tiny embryo. This year she was in awe of the lights and action and noise. She seemed to really enjoy it all. After the 9 o’clock hour, she began to get into her night-time fuss. We got back home and settled in by 10:30 pm and even though she was exhausted, it took an hour to fall asleep after all the stimulation. Once down, she slept till 5:30 am, woke to nurse and then back to sleep until 8 am. An appreciated night’s rest for mama!

DW4A6846 DW4A6850 DW4A6853 DW4A6858 DW4A6863 DW4A6868 DW4A6875 DW4A6880 DW4A6881 DW4A6885 DW4A6887 DW4A6888 DW4A6895 DW4A6898 DW4A6907 DW4A6910 DW4A6913 DW4A6919 DW4A6920 DW4A6921

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