2015 Family Photos

Each year the wonderful Rachel Manzke Photography family comes to my place for family photos. Rachel, correct me if I am wrong, but I think we have been doing this for the past 5 years now? Even before I had a “family” of my own, Rachel and her’s would allow me to photograph them and in turn, she took images of me with my dogs and horses. When Cody and I began dating, we had annual “couple” photos. And now, this annual session captures our new little family.

Rachel’s family, Team Giblin, resides in Sun Prairie. They love the convenience of being in a larger town and take advantage of Madison activities. When it comes to our annual photo event, however, Rachel prefers the country backdrops we have to offer. I am grateful they choose our home and make the trip each year.

This year we created a new flow for the session and moved the session to later in the day which also allowed us to enjoy dinner together while the image files downloaded to our respective computers.

Thank you, Rachel. Even though we did not have any fall color this year, we did have a beautiful day and I love these images!

Check out more of Rachel’s work at http://www.rachelmanzke.com/_L3A3749_1 _L3A4175_1 _L3A4131_1 _L3A4065_1 _L3A4032_1  _L3A4002_1_L3A4028_1_L3A4002_2  _L3A3969_1 _L3A3941_1 _L3A3913_1 _L3A3862_1 _L3A3843_1 _L3A3827_1  _L3A3798_1 _L3A3768_1 _L3A3754_1_L3A3818_1

2 thoughts on “2015 Family Photos

  1. These are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! I really like the one where Cody is holding Connie and you can’t see his arm. It looks like she’s holding on all by herself! But I don’t have a favorite…I LOVE them all!

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