Family Winter Session

Fall is the typical time in which families gather to get their annual photo session. The fall colors, the comfortable temperatures, and the timing before the holiday card season favor this timing. While we did do a fall session as we typically do (find here)–colors arrived late so these look more like summer images–Rachel and I also wanted winter snowy photos. We had scheduled and rescheduled this session three times to try to get the right amount of snow on the ground. Little did we know our last date shift would result in a perfect snowy Wisconsin day in February. Valentine’s day no less.

We loaded our respective families and met up at Indian Lake County Park. The snow fell in large flakes throughout the session and due to the chilly temperature, each family’s session was quick, painless, and fun! I love the way this session turned out and if Connie could stop growing, we’d have 2016 holiday cards taken care of!

I shared some in our 10-month post, but here are more and all the faves from our family’s session.

_L3A7967_1 _L3A7977_1 _L3A7987_1 _L3A8026_1 _L3A7906_1 _L3A7907_1 _L3A7915_1 _L3A7937_1 _L3A7951_1 _L3A7961_1 _L3A8005_1 copy _L3A7998_1 copy _L3A7944_1 copy _L3A7924_1 copy _L3A7904_1 copy

And here are some of Team Giblin. Rachel has her hands full coordinating outfits for five and keeping the kiddos content with yet another photo session. They were great and were well rewarded on the trip home. (I did have a literally “LOL” moment. Team Giblin was moving into position and Arianna asked, “what are we doing?” and Dave stoically responded, “what ever we’re told to do!” Our husbands humor us incredibly.)

DW4A2598b copy DW4A2613b-STAR copy DW4A2482b copy DW4A2510b copy DW4A2589b copy


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