6 Months

SIX MONTHS! A half-year gone by. She is becoming a little person before our eyes. It’s a fun age and I know these next six months are going to be exciting as she continues to learn new skills and gain independence. Not too independent, however.

She enjoys books/story time, baths, being sung to, and being outside. She is a chatter box also, discovering new sounds to make and “talking” with us and the nanny for periods at a time. In the past month, she has really taken interest in the dogs and now that she can crawl, finds her way to them. They are good with her, but her slug-like approach and small hand grabbing at their paws makes them nervous. Once she reaches them, they usually get up and find a new location to lay down. She’s not yet sitting up on her own, but is getting there; does very well in her Bumbo seat.

We continue to hear “she smiles so much,” “she’s such a happy baby,” and “is she ever not smiling?” often when we are out and about. Even during her visit today with the nurse and doctor, she shared many smiles with them and they seemed impressed with her disposition. She is a happy girl. I pray she is always as content and finds many reasons each day to smile (especially in her teenage years!).

Today she had her 6-month wellness check-up so we have new measurements and items to report on her growth and development.

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz (8-ounce increase over the past month). This puts her in the 59th percentile. So compared to her height, she is lean.

Height: 28.5″ (2.5″ increase? I think the tissue paper on the patient table causes an error, she also did not want to sit still for this measurement—regardless, she is 100%+, off the charts for height)

Head: 17″; 77%

Eyes: The outside ring is blue/grey. The inside appears to be a green/brown. The pediatrician said she will have brown eyes, that they are 2/3 brown now and that brown eyed babies change more slowly and tend to look “muddy” until the color forms. Time will tell. Per “the experts” eye color will be determined by 9 months of age.

Hair: Filling in and lengthening ever so slightly. Remains a brunette, but getting lighter.

Eats: We continue to nurse often. I am also pumping to provide milk for her and get my production up. (You can read about my lactation issues here.) Organic rice cereal, banana, avocado, and peas are staples on the menu. I have sweet potatoes to process and will be freezing for future use. I am happy to have found Thrive Market which provides me with a plethora of organic options for her. We can get Earth Brand organic baby cereal and baby food as well as soaps and overnight diapers free of chemicals. And shipping is free and the costs are the same or less than that at the co-op. Selection is huge as well. I’m a fan!

Teeth: A new category to track! TWO! The first came through without much fuss or notice. The second one gave us three days of sleeplessness and neediness and one day of bottom rash. All in all, she handled it well. We encouraged the use of teethers and introduced frozen washcloths. I also purchased an amber necklace for her and a teething necklace for me to wear. Upon examination of her mouth today, the pediatrician said that the top teeth are working their way in now.

Transportation: She is Army crawling (pulling with her forearms and pushing off with her right foot) everywhere. She can go great distances, turn in any direction and has now learned to crawl toward someone when she wants to be picked up. She gets up on her hands and knees frequently and rocks back and forth. During the exam today, the Doc went to place her on her belly, she immediately positioned her hand and knees under her and maintained that position. He looked at me and asked, “what’s this, is this new?” Nope. She’s been on hands and knees and rocking for a while now. He said that she is ahead of schedule / advanced in this area.

Vaccinations: 1. Today we administered the DTaP. This is her first and only vaccine received to date. It was a hard decision to make and an emotional experience (for me). I’ll do a separate post on this topic…

Here are her 6-month photos. It was a rush job as the sun was setting and I was too lazy to pull out the lighting equipment. Thankfully Grandma Connie was here to help out. Planning to do more soon to capture the gorgeous fall colors. Grandpa Carl and Grandma Darcy, thank you for the JD onesie — still some room to grow into it!

DW4A9560 copy DW4A9563-1 copy DW4A9565-1 copy DW4A9565-2 copy DW4A9570-1 copy DW4A9587 copy DW4A9614-1 copy DW4A9626-1 copy DW4A9630-1 copy DW4A9636-1 copy DW4A9664-1 copy DW4A9671-1 copy DW4A95981- copy


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