October Photo Dump

I can hardly believe it is November. Reflecting on October, it’s a haze. We enjoyed the warm temps and the delayed fall color change. Connie’s great grandma Ruth passed early in the month which provided us with a bonus visit with Grandpa & Grandma Pulvermacher, and the chance to see aunts, uncles, and cousins. During that same week, tooth #2 was working it’s way in and caused some restless nights and fussy moments. The rest of the month flew by and included:

  • turning 6 months old!
  • trying new foods (not a big fan of prunes!)
  • learning the ‘touchdown’ referee signal while watching football with daddy
  • acorn collecting with Grandma Connie
  • her first vaccination
  • PDF pancake breakfast
  • visit with great grandpa Harry
  • a trip to Peck’s
  • a visit with the Wilson’s
  • Halloween party at the Giblin’s
  • and we closed out October with a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet up with Aunt DeDe and the girls. (separate post to come)

Here’s October in pictures:


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