Seven Months

Last month when I took her photos, she was barely sitting up. I could set her on her butt, but she was wobbly and would tip over easily. In a blink of an eye, that all changed and she has spent the past three weeks sitting up without difficulty and adjusting from sitting to crawling. It probably sounds funny, but I find myself thinking she looks so grown up as she sits. She is also now able to enjoy bath time sitting rather than laying down and loves to chase the bath toys around the tub.

Her ability to fully sit on her own for lengthy periods, as well as her ever-growing menu, has adjusted our dinner routine. While we usually ate as a threesome, it formerly involved Cody and I sitting across from each other at the kitchen island while I nursed Miss Connie. Now, Cody pulls his chair around closer to me, and sandwiched between us is our infant foodie in her high chair. It melts my heart to have the thee of us gathered. He and I take turns feeding her as we feed ourselves.

Originally I thought I would be cautious about the range of foods and how quickly they were introduced, but with my low milk supply and her being quick to take to solids, we have introduced a variety of foods, being mindful that they are organic (safe), nutritious, and suitable for her age.

This past month she has discovered new noises that she is able to make and appreciates us mimicking her noises back to her. She recognizes voices and many times when I am on the phone with a family member or with Cody, I will put the speaker on so she can hear them too. Usually she joins in the conversation.

We had our first experience of ‘sickness’. On Tuesday she came down with a stuffy and runny nose (thank you Aunt Kendra for NoseFrida) and just did not feel well in general. She wanted to snuggle and nurse and just wanted mommy for the most part. Which I loved, but nighttime was difficult. Typically she does well at going down at night in her crib and staying down for several hours. Tuesday through Thursday evening however, she woke and fussed every time I attempted to put her down. So, into our bed she came. I nursed her to sleep an attempted to lay her in bed with us, but once detached and not touching me, she was back up. So… attached sleeping for three straight nights. It was a bit rough on my neck and back and my sleep was compromised, but such is the sacrifice of a mama. I have appreciated the snuggles. Wednesday night we vegged out on the couch and Cody remarked that it was like she was a newborn again, content just laying with us, not wanting to move around. We nursed frequently and throughout the night and I pulled some of my frozen stash out just to ensure she was getting lots of mama milk packed with vitamins. She was a trooper. We could see it in her eyes that she just wasn’t feeling her best but she tried to remain happy and playful and is doing much better.

Weight: Unofficially via bathroom scale: 18lbs

Height: 28″

Head: 17.5″

Eyes: Dare I say, light brown? Greenish brown definitely but as I type, they appear a muddled brown. Cody recently told someone he hopes she does have brown eyes, that way I’ll feel like she has something from me. He forgets, I already take credit for the chin! 🙂

Hair: Lengthening and looking darker this month than last. Perhaps it was the outdoor time last month that made her hair get lighter. 🙂 She continues to be a brunette. Maybe I get credit for that too.


  • Mama milk, still keeping at it and nurse often
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Sweet potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Butternut squash
  • Carrot

Teeth: Still two, but the third is working away at coming through–top right. We thought we’d have seen it by now, but it lingers in her swollen upper gum and causes grief occasionally. Wash cloths and the teething necklace, and her own hand, provide some relief.

My love for her grows each day. I am so in awe of her and cannot get enough kisses and hugs and babbles and smiles. She is truly amazing. Here are her 7 month photos. Had to pull a carrot toy out to go with her “love me some veggies” outfit from Grandma Cathy.

DW4A9143 (2) DW4A9146 DW4A9160_1 DW4A9187_1 DW4A9188_1 DW4A9191_1 DW4A9196_1 DW4A9196-1 DW4A9201_1 DW4A9206_1 DW4A9222_1 DW4A9226_1 DW4A9229_1 DW4A9231_1 DW4A9235_1 DW4A9247 DW4A9251_1 DW4A9271_1 DW4A9294_1

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