The Wild West

Carl affectionately refers to South Dakota as the ‘Wild West.’ As we welcomed November, we headed there early Sunday morning, via a route from Lincoln, Nebraska. We arrived around the lunch hour and were excitedly greeted by Grandpa Carl and Grandma Darcy in their new home. We got the tour and then enjoyed a delicious homemade meal, something we had been missing as a result of being on the road for the preceding two days and eating snack foods.

The visit was easy-going and relaxing. For Connie and I anyway. Cody helped his dad install a windmill tower that once stood on Bear Vale ground. If all goes as he hopes, Carl will be able to pump water to his cattle with it. We enjoyed a four-wheeler ride through Webster, time with Carl’s Black Diamonds (cattle), a visit with Wes, and more good food.

Unknown to her at this young age, Connie has some experiences some would be envious of. She drove with her grandpa in a 1942 Ford truck, very similar to the one her grandpa road in as a child. She sat atop a tractor her great-grandfather purchased in the 1960s.  She was hugged between her mama and daddy during a 4-wheeler ride, during which she contentedly fell asleep. She played with a cat who had seen his fair share on young children in his day and graciously allowed her to crawl over him. She visited the Wild West!

Thank you, Carl and Darcy, for a wonderful visit and for the love you hold for our daughter.


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