For the past many years I have taken my birthday off from work. This year my birthday fell on a Sunday so I took Friday off and took an extended weekend. There was nothing special planned but I was looking forward to a day with Miss Connie, just she and I. We ran to Reedsburg to run some errands which included finding her first Christmas tree ornament and a wreath for the front door. It was so nice to just walk and browse and hold her. And she was extra loveable that morning, giving snuggles and kisses as we shopped.

That evening we watched the light parade in Spring Green. Saturday morning we checked on the animals and went for a short hike. It was low-key weekend, but it was spent with the loves of my life which made it absolutely wonderful.

My gift came early this year. She arrived in April and I have been celebrating every day since. My gift for every occasion is her. Now I am a mother and have experienced the awesome bounty of love and pride and happiness. An amazing gift indeed.


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