8 Months

We returned home late from Jamaica on her 8th month birthday… I was saddened that I wasn’t with her on that day, but my time away from her confirmed that there is no better place to be and no better time spent than with her. 

This past month was another of rapid development. She pulls herself up on everything and is working on taking steps with support. Sleep training has been going very well, even with the interruption during our trip. She comprehends some words and phrases and likes to make up noises. She gets excited when Daddy walks through the door each night and enjoys playing with his hat. She took five days away from us in stride and spoiled my parents with love during that time. We were so very excited and happy to be back with her and I think she felt the same.

Weight: Approx. 19 lbs

Height: 28.3″

Head: 17.5″

Eyes: In the below photos I included a close-up of her eyes. From a distance or in photos, they appear brown and many people will say “she has your eyes” but in reality they are a green-hued brown, and as big as they are, I feel Cody still had more influence there than I.

Hair: Light brown

Eats: We continue with the staples of avocado, banana, squash, and rice/oat cereal along with breastfeeding, but she continues to expand her palate and sample new items. While at Grandma and Papa’s during our vacation, she enjoyed cottage cheese.

Teeth: Five! It appears a handful more are soon behind and she continues to be pretty good with the teething process. Though when her bottom becomes inflamed without warning, I know another one is ready to break through.

Here are her 8 month photos.

DW4A0617 copyDW4A0612 copy

Thank you Grandma Cathy for the reindeer outfit! The headband I picked up for her really brings it all together! 😀

DW4A0639_1 copyDW4A0623_1 copyDW4A0625_1 copyDW4A0651_1 copyDW4A0641_1 copyDW4A0635_1 copyDW4A0646 copyDW4A0654 copy

Tractor Images for Daddy and Grandpa:

DW4A0615 copyDW4A0676_1 copy

We are looking forward to a holiday season even more blessed than the past. She will certainly bring so much meaning and joy to this year, and every year going forward. When I saw this onesie, I had to have it for her–never a more true statement.

DW4A0658_1 copy

DW4A0683_1 copy

‘Patty Cake’

DW4A0661_1 copyDW4A0692_1 copy

My Baby Blanket and My Baby

DW4A0698_1 copyDW4A0707_1 copyDW4A0704_1 copy

Those eyes! What color do you call that?

DW4A0683_2 copy

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