First Christmas

We had several gatherings this year for Christmas 2015. I was looking forward to the holiday with Miss Connie. She is old enough to tear paper and open the gifts, but not yet old enough to understand why or what is in the wrapped package. Also not yet old enough to tear through gift after gift like a Tasmanian devil. This year, we was more into eating the wrapping paper than opening the gift completely. 

Before the official Christmas gatherings, Miss Connie received gifts from Aunt DeDe and Nanny Kenzie.

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Our first two gatherings took place at the Schluter home. They just finished up their new home and were generous enough to host the Pulvermacher gathering on Christmas Eve. This is an opportunity to see aunts, uncles and cousins. Cody has a great family–on both sides–and I enjoy my time with them. Connie was oohed and ahhed over and did well despite being kept out well past her bedtime. Christmas day we returned for a low-key gathering and a feast of shrimp and scallops compliments of Jason and the fabulous appliances that adorn their kitchen.

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On the 26th we were off to Grandma Betty’s. Several hours of cards, food, football, and welcoming of extended family. Connie was so good this day, allowing cousins and uncles to hold her and interact with her. She always amazes me with how social and confident she is with new people.

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On the 27th, we enjoyed Christmas with Cody’s mom and siblings. Miss Connie was spoiled with love and gifts, adding new books to her library. She also received her first snow apparel and a stroller/walker to help her become even more ‘on the move.’

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DW4A0985 DW4A0980 DW4A0972 DW4A0968

Connie spent New Year’s Eve with Grandma and Papa Lettman while we enjoyed a wonderful evening out with the Fergusons (dinner at the Fields and Madison County at Hochunk). They returned her home on New Years Day, Christmas #5. We hosted my family, which was a small crowd this year. Dena was unable to make the trip home and Greg was in Washington with his son. So it was just Garrett and I, our loves, kids and my folks. Chance was so excited about gift opening. He asked if any of the presents were for him, which ones were, and of course, “can I open them now?” After eating, dessert and a bit of clean up, he finally got to tear into that big box.

DW4A1045 DW4A1044 DW4A1026 DW4A1107 DW4A1053 DW4A1069 DW4A1075 DW4A1078 DW4A1093

It was a fast-paced and exhausting couple of weeks but wonderful time with some awesome souls we are lucky enough to call our family.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas season. Happy New Year!


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