9 Months

This is such a fun age. Her mind is processing and analyzing and solving. She is learning so quickly and excited to try her new skills.

A few weeks ago she initiated a peek-a-boo game with me by ducking behind the coffee table then popping back up. She did this again with her daddy and I was able to get it on video. A couple of days ago I was in the shower. I kept the curtain pulled back slightly to keep an eye on her. She pulled herself up on the tub. I pulled the inside liner in front of me then pulled it back and said “boo!” She then grabbed the outside curtain and did the same. Her ‘boo’ comes out as ‘ba’. 

Of course, every mother thinks the actions of her baby are the cutest, smartest, bestest ever, but I  have to admit, I was pretty impressed with her comprehension to grab the curtain and mimic me.

She is also giving 5s (high and low) and kisses. She throws her arms up to indicate ‘so big’ or ‘touchdown’ and plays patty cake (claps). She also claps when she gets excited or wants to show off.

She’s able to pull herself up on everything and anything, is crawling with increasing speed and is able to take a couple steps between items (tub and toilet, chair and end table, etc.)

She’s on the verge of outgrowing her infant car seat (it still works, but she looks sausaged in there!). We upgraded to a Britax Boulevard Clicktight last week and I think that will make our travels more comfortable for her. And this seat should hopefully be adequate for her for a few years! I had been researching car seats for the past few weeks and was hesitant to place the order. Perfect timing would have it that a friend posted on Facebook asking for suggestions and I stalked the thread.


12.27.15: In a blink of an eye, she climbed two steps!

My cousin shared the Kohl’s Safety Center. They have a variety of car seat styles and brands that you can see, try out and compare. Their prices also beat Amazon. This was a perfect venue for us to determine the best model for us. We started with the Britax B-Safe Infant car seat and I was sold on Britax as a safe and reputable brand. Our visit confirmed that but helped us to select the best style for us (which differed from the style I would have purchased based on my online research alone). While we were there, we also purchase a really nice gate for the bottom of our stairs. Miss Connie learned far too quickly how to climb steps! We saved approximately $30 on the retail price of the gate and the same on the car seat. Plus the staff there were so very helpful. (Thank you, ladies!)

On Tuesday we had her 9-month checkup. She babbled and shared smiles with our nurse and midwife and again showcased her social personality. Updated stats:

Weight: 19.5 lbs

Height: 30″; she has dropped from the 100th percentile to the 99th percentile. Perhaps this is an indicator that she will slow down a bit? 🙂

Head: 18″

Eyes: Hazel / Greenish-brown.

Hair: Still a brunette. Her hair is getting longer but is very fine, much like her Papa’s and Aunt DeDe’s.

Eats: My supply is so low that we can’t rely on nursing as food source anymore. We comfort nurse and I suspect I’ll dry up soon. We made it nearly 9 months. It is disappointing not to be able to nourish her directly, but she is doing so well with solids and I am grateful for the option of organic formula. She continues to expand her palate and samples new items. Avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, and squash continue to be the staples. We recently purchased organic sweet potato puffs and dehydrated veggies that allow her to feed herself. Tonight, Daddy was working with her to feed herself with the spoon!

Teeth: Six with another to soon pop through.

Vaccinations: Just 1. The DTaP administered at six months. Details.

Taking images myself is becoming increasingly difficult! For this reason, I have already scheduled her one-year cake smash photos to be done by the wonderful Rachel Manzke. I highly doubt I could juggle the camera, props, cake and capturing the attention of a one-year-old! There are many cute images for her ninth month capture, but many are out of focus and composition is off… Oh well! There are a couple that proves she isn’t ALWAYS smiling! Those may be my faves—that face.

Thank you to Uncle Harold and Aunt Alicia for the ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ outfit, to Auntie Shae for the pink top/jeans outfit, Aunt Tammie for the knitted hat, Grandma Cathy for the elephant, and Auntie Mariah for the letter C.

DW4A1404 copy DW4A1523 copy DW4A1521_1 copy DW4A1509_1 copy

DW4A1407 copy DW4A1444_1 copy DW4A1443_1 copy DW4A1435_1 copy

DW4A1422_2 copy DW4A1413_1 copy DW4A1456_1 copy DW4A1451_1 copy DW4A1449_1 copy

DW4A1531_1 copy DW4A1504_1 copy DW4A1499_1 copy DW4A1495_1 copy DW4A1481_1 copy DW4A1473_1 copy DW4A1467_1 copy DW4A1461_1 copy





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