January Photo Dump

We are started a new home improvement project! Before Connie was born, we were busy preparing for her and creating additional space. We carved out a brand new living room area and storage space, updated the spare bedroom, and got her nursery in order. That was nearly a year ago, so it’s time to get back at it. A face-lift is underway for the dining room, bathroom, kitchen and hallway. Small enhancements here and there but all combined should make a good impact and give us a much needed update. 

In the photos below, you’ll see a bare dining room awaiting skim coating work behind Connie and Nora. That has now been finished and today the dining room was painted! Exciting stuff. This weekend a trip to the home store and next week we move on to the bathroom.

The first month of the New Year also brought visits with friends, her first kiss with a boy (not sure he was impressed!), a baby shower, and lots of fun, smiles, and advancements. She learns so quickly and will soon be running around here.






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