Arkansas Birthday Celebration

In just a few short days, our sweet angel will be a year old. I’m still in disbelief. We had the opportunity last weekend to visit with our Arkansas family, the Eichorsts. We departed on Thursday at about 4 p.m. Miss Connie fell asleep at her usual time of 8 p.m. and as she stayed asleep through the night, we drove through the night. Cody delivered us safely to my sister’s home almost 12 hours after we left Bear Vale.

Grandma Connie joined us and the four of us enjoyed the hospitality, love, and excitement with some of our very favorite people. My nieces were head-over-heels to have us there and to spoil Baby Connie with love and gifts.

We celebrated a belated Easter and an early birthday for Miss Connie. I was humbled and touched that my sister set out an Easter basket for my daughter on Sunday morning. It was void of sugar and candy. Rather it was filled with toys, a book, and items appreciated by Miss Connie and this mama.

That evening we celebrated her impending birthday. The girls ensured we had a cake that would satisfy this protective mama. A fresh fruit cake! The base was carved from watermelon and then decorated with kiwi, blackberries, strawberries…. and a touch of cool whip (exceptions are made on occasion).

We enjoyed a visit to the zoo, flea marketing, the childrens museum, hiking, and relaxing. It was a great visit. Our time together is never long enough and there is always more we’d like to do, but this was a great trip and I am glad we made it happen.

We were able to include a bonus visit with Graunt Amy and Gruncle Tom. New full-time residents of Bella Vista, they were only about 30 minutes from my sister’s. We met for dinner and enjoyed an evening at their home.

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