Early Summer Photo Dump

I was diligent in posting monthly during the first 12 months, purging our monthly collection of photos. That first year is a big one and I think we did well to capture it in our various forms. Going forward, we’ll purge photos periodically. Here is what early summer has looked like so far.

She loves rides on the tractor, skid steer and four wheeler. We take frequent walks around the land. New to the farm this year, oats. A trip to the zoo, berry picking, and everyday life on the farm.

She is so fun right now. She says a number of words (we’re working on Pulvermacher!): ball, hi, book, mama, daddy, Buddy, yum-yum… but what she comprehends is so vast. We can have direct conversations with her and she just gets it, it’s pretty amazing. She will tell you what a cow, dog, and cat say, gives high-fives and kisses on request, waves and so much more. Many of these are old news but I never formally posted on them. 🙂 She is working on running and insists on climbing on everything.

I haven’t measured her lately but she is tall. That is confirmed when we are around other kids her age. She’s about 25 lbs, eyes are brown and hair is getting lighter with all the sunshine–she has a pretty great tan too!

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