Pope Farm Conservancy

On Monday, Cody started a new job after 12.5 years with The Kraemer Company. Spoiled with a short commute for so long, he is acclimating this week to the journey to Mega Rentals in Madison. We are excited for the change and using it as an opportunity to improve processes in our home… waking early, prepping lunch the night before, and ensuring the coffee maker is programmed for a caffine-induced commute!

I took an impromptu  day off on Monday and thought it would be a nice excuse to ‘celebrate’ his new job. Miss Connie and I met him in Madison that evening for dinner then a trip to Pope Farm Conservancy to see the sunflower field. This part of the celebration included a long walk in the humid conditions and the park was very busy with other visitors. Peak bloom is short-lived so this was the week to make it happen if we were going to do so, and this was our first visit. Looking ahead, I think I’ll try to make this happen during a week day morning in hopes of fewer visitors and better lighting for photography purposes.

Regardless, the field is impressive and cheerful. The way the flowers stand tall over the rolling hill and the various angles and viewpoints were stunning.

Here, we are roughly 2000 feet from reaching the field. We entered from the far left side and only worked our way up a very short distance once we got there.DW4A9931_1 copy

It appeared on purpose, but there were pockets here and there that allowed us to sink into the field a bit and get an image with some shade. We waited for another family to take their photos in this spot and then jumped in as soon as they left! Cody took the lead as the photographer for the evening allowing me to get some mama/daughter photos in our coordinating reds. 🙂

DW4A9940_1 copy DW4A9957_1 copy DW4A9960_1 copy

DW4A9951_1 copy DW4A9970_1 copy

9 acres of sunflowers

DW4A9977 copy


We took a different path out than we took in that offered more shade.

DW4A9989_1 copy

It’s a beautiful and dazzling place. As we were making our way back to the truck, visitors continued to roll in which made me consider what a spectacular view it must be at sunset. We witnessed visitors enjoying picnics, photographers capturing children and families with a breath-taking backdrop, and so many that just came to walk and take witness of the cheerful sight.

Plan a visit–plan for time to enjoy it and take it all in.  Pope Farm offers more than just sunflowers, it is home to 105 acres of unique prairie land and seven miles of trails. Pope Farm Conservancy is located at 7440 W. Old Sauk Road, Middleton.

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