New blog site

I first started using as a blog site and primarily posted about our adventures in pregnancy and farming and shares of our personal life for journaling purposes. The website then developed to support future marketing efforts for our grass-fed beef operation and as recent blog posts have revealed our most intimate experiences, I felt it was time–overdue perhaps–to separate personal blogging from our farm site.

Writing has been powerful therapy for me and I plan to continue but to do so in a new environment better suited for such personal reflections. I also want a platform to write about my passions. To share information I’ve learned from the collective wisdom and shares of other bloggers and countless hours of reading.

So while I will still post blog entries from time to time that matches the initiatives of our farm, I am excited to also begin drafting for my new blog site at I gave a lot of consideration to the name for this new blog, one that would capture the essence of all of my passions and the likely topics I’d publish. Most ideas were taken, others were too long to be appealing… With the help of a good friend, I decided on Bear Vale Life. My values and beliefs, passions and interests, adventures and stories….my Bear Vale Life.

I’ve copied over past posts to this new site and look forward to building on it. You’ll find posts on pregnancy, miscarriage, nutrition, natural living, gardening, cooking, health care alternatives, organics, parenting, preservation…and anything else that moves me. If any of these interest you, welcome!

I’d be honored to have my subscribers of also become subscribers to

I hope I can return some value to the blogging world in which I have gained so much from.

Happy reading, and to your health–Cheers!

Wild West Adventure 2016

Miss Connie was six and a half months when she first traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Pulvermachers in the Wild, Wild West (Webster, South Dakota). We made the trip again this year, a few weeks later than the year before and experienced our first snowfall of 2016, as well as a quality visit.

Fabulous, home-cooked meals, warm hospitality, genuine excitement, fencing, vintage toys, stories, cows, and dancing filled our three full days. Great moments, lasting memories. Continue reading

Pope Farm Conservancy

On Monday, Cody started a new job after 12.5 years with The Kraemer Company. Spoiled with a short commute for so long, he is acclimating this week to the journey to Mega Rentals in Madison. We are excited for the change and using it as an opportunity to improve processes in our home… waking early, prepping lunch the night before, and ensuring the coffee maker is programmed for a caffine-induced commute!

I took an impromptu  day off on Monday and thought it would be a nice excuse to ‘celebrate’ his new job. Miss Connie and I met him in Madison that evening for dinner then a trip to Pope Farm Conservancy to see the sunflower field. Continue reading