Wild West Adventure 2016

Miss Connie was six and a half months when she first traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Pulvermachers in the Wild, Wild West (Webster, South Dakota). We made the trip again this year, a few weeks later than the year before and experienced our first snowfall of 2016, as well as a quality visit.

Fabulous, home-cooked meals, warm hospitality, genuine excitement, fencing, vintage toys, stories, cows, and dancing filled our three full days. Great moments, lasting memories.

I took many (many) photos to capture our adventure and Connie’s interactions with Carl and Darcy. I never tire of watching her interact with grandparents—to see how much joy she brings them and how deeply they love her. She’s blessed with three sets of grandparents and still has three great-grandparents. Time or distance seems to have little effect, she warms up to them all quickly and engages in play and ‘conversation’.

Carl and Darcy, thank you so much for a truly lovely visit. Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip.

dw4a5732_1-copy dw4a5805_1-copy dw4a5819_1-copy dw4a5823_1-copy dw4a5962_1-copy img_0180_1-copy img_0186 img_0200 img_0088_moment img_0091_momentdw4a5775_1-copyimg_0094_moment
img_0100_moment img_0101_moment img_0140_moment img_0148_moment img_0158_moment2 img_0158_moment img_0160_moment img_0165_moment img_0174_moment img_0194_moment img_0202_moment dw4a5943 dw4a5945 dw4a5946 img_0132_moment

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