Spud’s Seven

We’re not the only ones expecting around here!

Our goal with Bear Vale (in addition to producing our own food source) is to provide our local area with grass-fed, organic Angus beef. In time, perhaps we can find distribution partners. To obtain this goal, our herd needs to grow. We began with a “starter kit”—5 cow/calf pairs. With some additions, births, and an unfortunate loss, we have 15 cattle, 9 of which are cows or heifers, that could potentially help us add to our herd. This summer we implemented a tried and true breeding program: we rented a bull. He was a cutie! Just a yearling himself, he wasn’t very big compared to our mature cows. I teased Cody that we might need to get him a step stool. But in fairness, we did not want a large bull with yearling heifers. For the two months he was with us, I affectionately named him “Spud.”

Well today was the day to learn Spud’s potency!  The vet confirmed we have 7 expecting cows! Which is fabulous! While two shy of perfect, it’s not really…. you see… Claire is younger than the other heifers, and I supposed I secretly hoped that she would not be bred as she is my baby. And Charlotte is a twin. Scientifically the odds of a heifer calf who is a twin of a bull calf conceiving is extremely low. The vet confirmed during the exam that there is no way for Charlotte to give us a calf. 

Bummer. But the exciting news is we have a near perfect breeding success rate and can look forward to welcoming 7 calves this summer. 

The other good news, is I am due before the cows! :)) Cody thinks the reverse would be better, but I think it’s good that I will have my little one and be on leave from work as we are busy with calving season. 

2015 will be a great year, full of life, love, and excitement. Cheers!

Here’ a flashback to the first calf we welcomed on Bear Vale ground in April 2014. Last year we were blessed with three heifer calves; more than doubling that in 2015.
Here is the same mama cow and calf  months later. And there is SPUD! In the distance on the left. :))
Sweet Charlotte, last winter
Sadie getting some attention from the Cecilia and Cora.
Our girl, Claire, last winter
Claire and Charlotte, bonding, shortly after Claire joined Bear Vale.
Our second 2014 calf  playing “peek-a-boo”.

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